Swiss Cheese & Spotted Cows Bicycle Tour

Have You Ridden With Us Before?

Here is what past riders have said about the tour in the post-ride survey:

“A very good value for the tour. No other tour puts as much detail into their tours, thank you! I felt very safe signing up for your tour because of your dedication and attention to detail.”

“It not only met but exceeded my expectations. I never knew Wisconsin could be so interesting and beautiful. I very much enjoyed the historical aspects of the towns we stayed in. THANK YOU!!!!”

“The scenery was fantastic. You went way beyond expectations….  The evening activities were memorable. The tours were surprisingly educational and interesting.”

“I love everything about the trip. It is the highlight of my year and I look forward to it every year.”

“I’d like to put in a special word about the support staff.  So helpful and encouraging!  To a new rider in particular, the occasional van sighting full of friendly folk looking out for all of us was very reassuring.  Loved the Chin Drippin’ peaches and the bakery stops.  Comfort people with comfort food.  What could be better?”

“The rides were great and the tours and entertainment were above and beyond. What a great ride!!”

“It’s really hard to come up with anything to improve this tour…. I like how there is just enough flexibility in the schedule and the events for inpiduals to choose what suits them best. There was no “forced” group participation, yet there was enough opportunity to join it that it seemed like it was fun for all.”

“Wonderful rides with great roads, light traffic, and beautiful scenery…..couldn’t have been better!

“Beautiful country, great roads and wonderful points of interest along the way.” 

“Scenery (even including the hills!) was really special for me. I enjoyed the group camaraderie and thought the support crew, route markings, cue sheets, etc. were great. I also liked having the opportunity to take the tours of the dairy farm…, the cheese making plant and the brewery.”

“Everything was so well organized that all I had to do was focus on riding. The printed route sheets and markings on the road were very well done. And the dinners were very good.”

“Excellent daily cue sheets, maps, ride support. Great group seemed to connect well and interact enthusiastically.”  

“I enjoyed the opportunity to ride on paved country roads that were more like lanes rather than county or state highways.”

“We would like to give the support staff a rating of a 6 (on a 1-5 scale) if possible. They were always going above and beyond.”

“Loved the easy flow of it all. No one seemed too stressed out in this group or among the support staff. That was nice.”